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Testosterone Pills for Treating Low T Are Added to the Long List of Pills Causing Unwelcome Side-Effects

Men will do a lot to raise their testosterone levels, especially if they are dealing with personal and health problems. Legal professionals and medical doctors understand the desire to increase testosterone levels due to health risks related to low-t. But, testosterone pills are unconventional, untracked, and unpredictable. Are testosterone pills bad? The answer is almost uniformly yes.

Testosterone pills aren’t alone in being widely marketed yet widely believed to be terrible for the body. The ill effects of Monster and other energy drink brands prove that companies really don’t have an issue with releasing junk to the marketplace. These drinks can be acceptable in moderation, but they are filled with manufactured junk, including Taurine. Pills for testosterone, specifically the problem of Low T, are equally (and truthfully, worse) than energy drinks and other widely criticized energy supplements. Testosterone pills try to fight a natural occurrence, and they are marketed as a resource for supplying testosterone. What they actually do is increase testosterone beyond what is naturally acceptable and dramatically increase the risk of the body responding with heart attacks, strokes, and blood clotting. Studies tie low-t pills to increased heart risk and disease.

Men will naturally lose testosterone as they get older. This is called hypogonadism. Men may respond to the concern with testosterone pills, but only a very few could even benefit from their use. Furthermore, there are far more practical and safe methods for treating hypogonadism than t-pills and are approved by medical doctors.

Testosterone pill companies will exploit men who are naturally losing testosterone in a mostly safe and normal way. There is a market for those who are losing more testosterone than they probably should, but t-pills are not the way to respond. Men are facing disastrous side effects through the use of unregulated pills that are sold over-the-counter. The demand to increase energy and libido is not answered through a random pill bought for an absurd price through an open market. The side effects have led many to take legal action, and t-pill companies are not the first to feel a massive legal hand sweep through their manipulative practices.