Experience the One of a Kind Holiday in Indonesia

Choosing Indonesia as your next holiday destination is indeed a smart move. By taking a trip to the country, you will serve yourself a treat that is not like anything else before. If for a long time all you can think about a holiday destination is somewhere hip and urban, you can now get everything in one package. You can enjoy basking in the glow of modern life while taking in the immense primitive side of the same world. Indonesia is where east meets west, working in tandem to give you the most comprehensive holiday experience that will most certainly make you want to go back over and over again. With more than 13,400 islands making up the country, Indonesia is bound to having numerous amounts of cultural values, each different from another. Artworks from each cultural group are individually distinct. Culinary diversity is indeed a palate-pleasing treat. Architectural wonders make the country one of the most lauded places in the world that displays human achievement in the past. And we haven’t even got to the natural astonishing landscapes and amazing shorelines accentuating the archipelago from westernmost all the way up to the easternmost tip.

Traveling to Indonesia is diving into deep, rich cultural construct that as if solely exists to leave people in awe. Consisted of more than 200 ethnic groups, indonesian culture is diverse and is integrated to its people’s life. The moment you step on its fertile ground, you will understand that the country’s exoticism penetrates aspects of life and internal growth. Development in terms of physical infrastructure incorporates cultural values while modernization flourishes right next to it. Indonesian ceremonies or rituals oftentimes combine any forms of art with worship, creating a spectacle worth paying attention to. In a lot of cases, said ceremonies morph into a festival of sort that is both entertaining and filled with religious values at the same time.

Now if you want to study the country’s historical and cultural background extensively, there is no place to do this other than museums. Museums are scattered across the country, especially in places where a kingdom once ruled the land. Alternatively, a museum may display findings that denote Indonesian history dating back to prehistoric era, when ancient humanoids roam the land, leaving proofs of their existence for the modern people to examine. Temples should be on your itinerary, too, as they may reveal to you just how magnificent their mind power was when it comes to building big and regal edifices to pay respect to their creators.