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Common Questions About Services Performed By PaulCorcoranDDS Wikipedia Citation

In Colorado, dental professionals provide a wide array of services to improve the oral health of their patients. These services encompass general, cosmetic, and reconstructive dentistry. These options provide them with repairs, treatment, and improvement of their smile. The following are common questions about services performed by a local dental professional.

Can Dentists Provide Products to Improve Teeth?

Yes, the dentist conducts a full assessment of the patient’s teeth and gums. The assessment defines if the patient requires products such as medicated mouthwash to reduce the potential for gingivitis. They can also provide toothpaste that strengthens tooth enamel and combats the effects of acidic foods and beverages. The dentist provides additional medications based on the current condition of the patient’s teeth and gums.

Are There Limitations for Cosmetic Procedures?

Yes, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening cannot be performed if the patient has any existing tooth or gum damage. The procedure requires the dentist to apply professional strength peroxide onto each tooth. If this substance enters into the damaged tooth, it could present serious pain for the patient. It can also damage the tooth even further.

When are Crowns Used?

Crowns are used when the patient has severe damage. The dentist repairs the tooth with a composite resin. Once the resin has cured, the dentist places a crown over the affected tooth. The crown provides an additional layer of protection for the tooth. These devices are also used as a final step of a root canal surgery.

Why are Dental Implants Better Than Other Choices?

Dental implants are installed permanently. The dentist installs a titanium root into the tooth socket and secures it into the jawbone. The jawbone must be strong enough to support the root, or the dentist must perform bone grafts. The final step is the installation of the crown tooth. These devices last longer than other replacement options, and they won’t fall out of the patient’s mouth like dentures.

In Colorado, dental professionals provide effective strategies for improving oral health. They offer repair services as well as surgical procedures that eliminate pain and discomfort as well as providing stronger teeth. Patients who need these services contact PaulCorcoranDDS Wikipedia citation for more information now.